Jordan Godwin Bike Check

Words by
Dave Paterson
Jordan Godwin Bike Check

The bike you've all been asking for. We took a break from navigating the canals of the North to take a closer look at Jordan Godwin's signature DOOMSAYER set up. Look out for more form Jordan and the UK crew in "Navvies" dropping soon...


Frame - Wethepeople Doomsayer 20.75", ED Black

Fork - eclat Storm fork 20mm, Jordan Godwin signature

Bar - eclat Chocolate 9.5", OS Clamping. Ran at 28" uncut

Stem - eclat Domain FL, OS Clamping

Headset - Wethepeople Compact

Grips - eclat Pulsar

Seat - Wethepeople Team Pivotal Slim

Cranks - eclat Tibia, 160mm

Pedals - Wethepeople Logic

Sprocket -Eclat AK 28t

Chain - Eclat Stroke

Rims - Eclat Bondi

Front Hub - Eclat Cortex

Rear Hub - Wethepeople Hybrid Freecoaster

Tires - eclat Creature, Felix Prangenberg signature, 2.40"

Pegs - eclat Venom, 4.8"

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