Can you send me the specs/infos on my 2003 bike?

People often asked us for information on older bikes and frames because we only list the current years information on the product pages. So we've finally uploaded all catalogs all the way back to 2003. Click here for the catalog archive.

I saw some cool wethepeople products on your website, but my dealer told me it’s not available in my country? Why is that? And how do I know what they have?

It’s the distributors decision what he wants to order. If there is a product you wanna have, tell your Wethepeople dealer. If enough dealers tell the distributor, they will order it for sure. We’re also not able to keep tabs on what every dealer has in stock. You have to contact your dealer or distributor. Your dealer should check availability before taking your order because just as we said before…. there is no guarantee that the distro ordered that product/colour.

Can I get some prices on some of your products?

No. We don’t quote retail prices here because they vary from country to country. You’ll have to contact a bike shop that sells Wethepeople products. Or contact a mailorder company for prices - there are now many on the internet. Prices are not accessible through the factory.

What colors are available?

You’ll find information about colors in the usual product specs. But the availability in your country depends on the distributor of your country and what they’ve ordered see also ‚availability‘. So if you wanna be sure, ask your dealer. At the moment custom colours are not available from us.

Where can I get wethepeople products? Can I buy direct from you?

We are not able to deal bikes and most parts direct, but we have worked hard to establish good relationships with rider orientated distributors who can offer more dedicated support nearer to dealers and riders. If your country has a distributor (check out under ‚distributors‘), your dealer can order from them. As for apparel and small parts, we do have an online store and we ship from the EU and the USA.

Can I work for you?

See what vacancies we have now by visiting our jobs page.

Do we think about the environment?

Too right we do. All our manufacturing is strictly controlled to agreed international standards. All our cardboard packaging (and progressively everything else) is from recycled sources and to support that we also recycle all our paper, plastic and packaging at the office. Most of us cycle into work, most of us will share a single car, have fitted energy saving/movement activated lighting where possible and on the whole do give a pretty big sh*t about this kind of thinking. We make parts that last so they don't need replacing as often. We try to do our bit although we're still a long way from being the best. We help the local scene out with re-using product and small parts. I couldn't say what our carbon footprint is, but the ideology and our thoughts about it are being re-looked at the whole time.

Is wethepeople able to make me a custom frame or do a custom paint job?

Sorry, but we're not doing any custom frames or paint jobs at the moment.

I have no questions to ask but I would like to see if there are real people reading the emails I send to you?

You can be rest assured that we read each email personally and everyone gets a reply from us and not from some bit of software, but if you want to check, send us something interesting.

I emailed you guys yesterday and you never replied, what's up?!

Give us a chance pal! we go through each mail personally, - yeah we actually read and reply to what you have to say. The downside is that it takes us time. We'd normally expect to get back to you within a couple of days but it sometimes takes us longer. If you've had no response within 12 days then remind us because something is probably wrong. Thanks for your patience though.

Can I send you my video?

We can't stop you from sending anything, and appreciate that you'd want to but all sponsorship deals go through the distributors to start with so it might be of more use and cheaper to send your video clips there, thanks. You should also realize that very, very few people get sponsored in this way and that we are looking for those with a unique attitude and not the copied style or tricks from their favorite pro.

Send us an email entitled 'sponsor me'?

We like to talk to people, and hundreds contact us every week. But if anyone really thinks that such a request works they're on the wrong track. Sure we'll look at your photos and reply like we do for everyone but it doesn't work like this. Realistically maybe 1% of any sponsorship deals happens like this, we just can't properly get to see your talent or more importantly who you are like this. Like we said, our team is a lot more than just a few riders that we send parts to once in a while, it's a two way family thing and an email with 'sponsor me' is exactly what we don't want to see.

Phone us and ask if we are looking for anyone to sponsor?

Sure we are, we're looking almost all the time because like all riders we enjoying seeing others ride well and are interested to see what's happening riding wise in scenes that we might never or rarely get to. However contacting us by phone to ask if we will help you out is not the way...in a similar manner to the email we can't learn enough about who you are from a simple conversation and we'd prefer to actually find the time ourselves to talk with people. So although you can phone and speak with us anytime about whatever else, such questions over the phone will bring an inevitable 'no' answer.

Go through a distributor?

This is the more common and authorized route. Distributors are better placed within a countries scene to know what is happening and we trust these guys (yes there are females in there as well) to deal with sponsorship requests. It's not only because they're in a particular country it's more about them knowing how to support a scene and working within that...we can't be everywhere ourselves. It is the distributors who are more than likely going to be the most involved in any sponsorship offers.

What do I have to do to get sponsored?

Somehow the question itself sounds awful, like some kind of desperation. Chill out, it's all bmx. If you want to know about what 'tricks' you have to do then you weren't concentrating or didn't read what we wrote under 'send in a video'. That aside, you don't have to do anything in particular, just continue being yourself. That's the important part. We don't want you to change, be someone else for us, or some fool who suddenly thinks he's a megastar because we said yes. You won't have to move, live some so called cool lifestyle, do new tricks every day or email mail us every time you go to bathroom. We just want you to feel part of something, we'll give our our all to encourage that and expect from you only the same.
At the end of the day it's not about who can shout the loudest, it's about riding. It was this philosophy that brought bmx forward in the early nineties and the new wave of 'accessibility' to many is clouding the fact. Don't have the wool pulled over your eyes by suits at the latest big name(s) in the sport, use your integrity and realize what it's really all about....and if you're still riding, we'll see you soon.

Are you interested in sponsoring our contest / jam?

If you're organising an event then you could contact the [distributors](https://wethepeoplebmx.de/distributors) directly to see if they can help with some kind of additional sponsorship. If you don't get any answer, just contact us over our [contact form](https://wethepeoplebmx.de/contact) and give us some more info about it. Maybe we can figure something out to help you.

We need a skatepark here in xxxx can you send us money or parts?

We already support a whole load of events and people which means that taking on new backings is not normally possible. However we are always happy to hear about new scene happenings so feel free to tell us about what's going on near you.

Are you interested in advertising on my web site?

Right now our answer is no, but it's something we might consider if your site is helping our BMX community.

If you still didn't find the answer to your question, we are here to help, write a mail to us at service@wethepeoplebmx.de or through the contact-form.