On the site we sometimes use some common abbreviations, but we understand that these may not be obvious to everyone; so here’s a verbose but basic run down of all the ones we can think of at the moment. If you find more that don’t make sense just let us know. In order to have a full picture of some bmx terms and their use we advise you to research in more detail (esp. in areas such as bottom brackets, 4130 chromoly and frame sizing that might suit you). Some explanations may appear unnecessary, but some countries do use for example use different measuring systems and so our common terms sometimes don’t make sense and the explanation remains relevant.

TT: Toptube;

DT: Downtube; ø: Symbol indicating diameter, you could also describe it as the width of a tube

ST: Seattube

HT: Headtube

CS: Chainstays

SS: Seatstays

Heat-treated: A process of adding heat to improve strength

Magma Heat-Treatment: This is our term for our full post welding heat treatment process

Butted: When a tube varies in thickness to save weight and add strength

4130 CrMo: A type of Chromoly used predominately on quality bmx bikes

Laser cut: Where parts have been accurately cut using a laser instead of the cheaper option of being stamped out


Sealed Bearing or SB: Used when the bearings are sealed

Loose ball bearing or LB: Used when the bearings are unsealed

Midsize BB: A bottom bracket where the bearings fit/press directly into the frame. Most Wethepeople frames and bikes use Midsize BB's


We take really great care to get you all the information, all the specs and weights of every product we make so that you can make the right decision about what best suits your riding style. We also do it because we are proud of every effort we put in to make our bikes, frames and parts the best for riders. Unlike some companies we don't hide details about what our frames are made of, or what a bike is spec'd with. However we are only human and it could be that despite our best efforts you need more information or think that something is not correct, please get in touch so we can make it right. We include complete specs for everything on the site.

What size is the internal headset on your frames? Do i need a special one?

Wethepeople frames that use an internal headset require a Capagnolo compatible version of the internal headset. They have a size of 41.8mm(x8x45°/ MH-P08F), this should not be confused with the 41mm version. It's recommended that you purchase such items with a knowledgeable BMX dealer and not a regular bike shop. We've used the same size of internal headset on all models featuring it since we introduced this style of headset to the range in 2005.

What's the rear triangle length on my frame when slammed?

This varies frame to frame. But on complete bike frames we leave at least 5mm(0.2") free in front of the axle. For example, a 21" frame has a specified CS length of 13.5-13.75". So when slammed then it’s less 5mm (0.2"). But then think about your pegs - You can ride a 38mm OD peg on our dropouts, any larger in OD it might be that the peg sits on the weld when the wheel is slammed (this brakes your axles, frame and probably peg faster).

Half links?

1 full link removed will move your wheel forward .5" (12.7mm) and a half link would move your wheel back .25" (6.3mm)

How much does each individual ball bearing weigh?

Yeah ok it's a rhetorical question; but we put ALL the specs and photos for our bikes, frames and parts on this site, if you have been through these and the FAQ and still need answers feel free to get in touch. More specialist questions are welcome...and to the guy who asked, if you cut your brake lugs and guides off you'll save 31g (includes the cutting residue), ok. We used to display the production weights for every part, bike, screw, bolt, nut and whatever on the web site, however the maintenance of this was simply overwhelming and rather than publish anything incorrect I decided to remove it. Sorry.

kg: The abbreviation for weight in kilo
lbs: The abbreviation for weight in pounds
oz: The abbreviation for weight in Ounces

If you still didn't find the answer to your question, we are here to help, write a mail to us at service@wethepeoplebmx.de or through the contact-form.