Welcome To Wethepeople Nico Van Loon

Words by
Dave Paterson
Welcome To Wethepeople Nico Van Loon

Things are about to get heavy with this powerhouse joining the crew. We are thrilled and delighted to welcome Nico Van Loon to the Wethepeople family.

A dark horse in every sense of the word, Nico has been steadily putting out heavy video parts for the past few years now and slowly creeping under the radar as one of the most underrated riders in Germany. Every crew needs that one guy who will the first one to pick up the camera to film a clip or get the spot ready, but also the guy you can rely on to come through with that one banger that leaves everyone stoked and motivated. With Cologne steadily turning into one of the most productive BMX scenes in the world right now, Nico always felt like part of the crew every time went filming, so the decision to officially welcome him into the Wethepeople family was a no brainer. Nico joins Felix Prangenberg, Tom Weikert and Giano Vacca representing Wethepeople in Germany.

Nico built up a full Wethepeople build and wasted no time breaking it in for the lens of Felix Prangenberg. Nico’s going to be joining us on a new team project next month and rumor has it that he has a jaw-dropping part in the cologne based FRACTURE video which will be dropping later this year so be on the lookout for that and much more…

Check back tomorrow for a full rundown of Nico’s DOOMSAYER…

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