The Swamp Master

Words by
Dave Paterson
The Swamp Master

MTB meets BMX. This one is a fun machine

A whole new world of fun, the Wethepeople Swamp Master is our first full suspension complete BMX bike. Inspired by the days of old when a BMX bike came in many forms, we set to make a bike that combines the all-terrain versatility of a mountain bike with classic BMX roots and fun. Made to shred both bike parks and dirt jumps alike, this bike is unique to say the least. Engineered in Cologne, Germany, the Swamp Master is designed for just about every terrain whilst providing the freedom of movement and simplicity that a BMX bike has always offered. Spec’d with a mixture of our own aftermarket BMX components and genuine MTB parts from Kenda and Manitou, the Swamp Master is the first production complete bike of its kind. Love it or hate it, we dare you to take it for a spin and come back without a huge smile on your face.

Rider - Jacob Nedler

Fimed/Edited/Photography -  Niklas Sundin

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