The Hybrid System

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Dave Paterson
The Hybrid System

The HYBRID SYSTEM is a superior functioning Freecoaster Hub system with all the weight, durability, and functional benefits of a Cassette Hub. Designed and developed in Cologne, Germany alongside such brands as Wethepeople, éclat and Radio Bikes. Instead of the heavy and unreliable clutch style mechanism most Freecoaster Hubs use - the HYBRID SYSTEM is based on the principle of a Cassette Hub with a few small changes to make it work as an incredibly dependable and highly functional Freecoaster Hub.

Due to its simplicity and lack of small parts, the HYBRID SYSTEM is not only affordable but easily adaptable into almost any pre-existing hub design. From BMX hubs with 9t drivers to MTB hubs with 148mm x 12mm thru-axles, the HYBRID SYSTEM is the most adaptable and forward thinking Freecoaster Hub system on the market.

With more riders around the world discovering the benefits and switching over to a HYBRID SYSTEM powered Freecoaster Hub, the question is, when will you?

                                             HYBRID SYSTEM WEBSITE NOW LIVE.

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