Nico Van Loon Bike Check

Words by
Dave Paterson
Nico Van Loon Bike Check

Cologne powerhouse Nico Van Loon just joined the crew!

Nico built up a full Wethepeople DOOMSAYER build and wasted no time breaking it in for the lens of Felix Prangenberg. Get a full rundown of Nico’s bike bellow and head to Freedom BMX for an interview (in German) with the man himself.


Frame – Wethepeople Doomsayer 20.5”

Fork – Wethepeople Battleship 24mm Offset

Bar – Wethepeople Pathfinder 2pc 25.4mm Clamping

Headset – Wethepeople Compact

Stem – Wethepeople Logic Front Load 25.4mm Clamping

Grips – Wethepeople Remote

Cranks – Eclat Onyx 24mm Spindle, 160mm Arms

Sprocket – Wethepeople Paragon Guard Sprocket (Prototype)

Bottom Bracket – Wethepeople Compact

Chain – Wethepeople Supply Chain

Pedals – Wethepeople Logic

Seat – Wethepeople Team Pivotal

Post – Eclat Torch 230mm

Front Hub – Wethepeople Helix

Front Rim – Wethepeople Logic

Front Hub – Wethepeople Helix Freecoaster

Front Rim – Wethepeople Logic

Tires – Wethepeople Activate 2.40” (Prototype)

Pegs – Wethepeople Dill Pickle Pegs

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Filmed & edited by Felix Prangenberg.