The 2023 Wethepeople Complete Bike Collection

Words by
Dave Paterson
The 2023 Wethepeople Complete Bike Collection

WETHEPEOPLE are excited to announce a new approach to our bike collection as we move into the next season.

The 2023 WETHEPEOPLE complete bike collection keeps our existing line while adding in a sprinkling of new and incredible models with unique colourways, technologies, and up-grades. Something everyone has come to love and expect each new year from WETHEPEOPLE.

By keeping our existing models and simply enhancing the line, we were able to find a solution to offer increased availability on popular models and a smoother transition between our model years - which benefits shop and customers alike. With so much craft, attention, and detail poured into every WETHEPEOPLE, this latest collection still challenges the way complete bikes should look, feel and ride - right out of the box.

With brand new models being added throughout the year, there is so much to be stoked on right now and look forward to. New colours, popular favourites and brand-new models make the 2023 collection one of a kind.

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