Jeffrey Lapointe Bike Check

Words by
Dave Paterson
Jeffrey Lapointe Bike Check

Canadian rookie Jeffrey Lapointe has been busy stacking for video the past few months. Here's his personal Pathfinder rig with all the trimmings...

Photos by Bradley Harrison


Frame - Wethepeople Pathfinder 21", ED Black

Fork - eclat Strom 15mm

Bar - Wethepeople BUCK 9.15"

Stem - Wethepeople Gooseneck Stem

Grips - eclat Pulsar

Seat - Wethepeople Tema Series Pivotal

Cranks - Wethepeople Logic 160mm

Pedals - eclat Centric

Sprocket - eclat Vent 25t

Chain - Salt Kool Chain

Rims - Wethepeople Logic

Front Hub - Wethepeople Helix

Rear Hub - Wethepeople Helix Freecoaster

Tires - Wethepeople Overbite 100psi 2.35”

Pegs - Wethepeople Dill Pickle

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