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Dave Paterson

This year’s battle of Hastings event was another one for the books, a mass of riders from all over the World all in one place at the very bottom of the British Isles. Each year we support this event and each year we work together with the Source to make something cool, contributing to an already incredible event. This year we wanted to pay homage to some of our most treasured U.K riders by creating a gallery installation on the top deck of the skatepark.

At first, we thought this was going to be a simple task, simple delve into the archives and find anything UK related right? Wrong. Wethepeople has been a brand since 1996 and finding anything from that era with a date on it is difficult, we were able to guess with a great deal of precision that Zach Shaw was our first U.K rider on Wethepeople sometime around 2001.

The following 21 years are filled with some of the most amazing characters in U.K BMX, and we didn’t even manage to feature all flow or AM riders (often due to not even being able to find a photo).

Nevertheless, this gallery came together, with dates that were about as close as can be without inventing a time machine.

The gallery is still up, if you want to check it out and be sure to grab a postcard or two from the Source shop.

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